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In This Webinar You Will Learn "How To Own 1,000 Apartments in Five Years"

This 2 hour training by Atty. Charles Dobens will teach you how to get started investing in multifamily properties the RIGHT way! You will learn:

• How to have your inbox filled with off-market leads
• What places to avoid when looking for deals
• How to identify your exit strategy BEFORE you even break out your calculator
• The five ways to get paid in Multifamily Investing
• What contracts to use to get paid no matter which strategy you use

• The tricks the Sellers use to make their properties seem more valuable than they are
• How to determine the value of the property like a pro in minutes
• Time vs. Money strategies in your offer
• Learn the Power of the CapRate and how it can work for you!
• Learn that owning multifamily apartments does not put you in the real estate business


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