#55: Former NFL Player Turned Real Estate Investor with Logan Freeman

Uncategorized May 20, 2020

Logan Freeman began LiveFree Investments in early 2018 after the corporate world had let him down one too many times. Real estate has always been his passion and got kicked into full gear after completing his first live-in flip in 2013. Today, with over 80 successful real estate transactions and $13 million completed for investors annually, he has created a proven track record to provide his investment clients the confidence and security they desire.

Logan feels there are two things that set him apart from other investor agents; his never-ending hustle and is proactive communication. He is continually investing in himself so he can provide great value to his investors; making sure to pivot and listening to what the market is providing. A driving philosophy is, “What got you here, won’t get you there.”

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Former NFL Player Turned Real Estate Investor with Logan Freeman 

Logan had made the final training camp cut with the Oakland Raiders, but unfortunately was let go. He decided to go back to school because football wasn't going to be paying his bills.

Logan's first job out of school was making 250 cold-calls per day selling educational data. He would get up at 3:30 am to drive to work an hour and then drive an hour back and attend night class for another 4 hours. On Saturday's he would be in the library for 12 hours. Between driving so much for work and school, he took Zig Ziglar's automobile university to heart. 

Through personal development and self-taught knowledge, Logan decided to purchase his first property instead of rent and eventually sold it, making more money in the sale than his entire year's salary. 

After working a couple of different jobs and finally getting fired; this was the blessing Logan needed to go all-in on his business. He raised $7 Million for his own deals and is on pace to raise $20 Million. Going from a former NFL player to a real estate investor, Logan has found his true passion!

In this episode, you'll also learn: 

  • The #1 secret to success Logan shares
  • How Logan is able to raise money
  • Why there are no longer any easy properties in Kansas City 
  • How Logan has pushed really hard on marketing this year 
  • How Logan tracks his goals to make sure he achieves them 

Connect with Logan: 

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Clemon's Real Estate

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