Tale of Two Investors

blog Apr 01, 2018
Two of my successful students have exact same investment strategies in mind when they enter a deal but each approaches it entirely differently.
How two of Charles' most successful students use completely different strategies: Debt & Equity

One of my students is buying a 48 unit apartment complex in Kentucky. He nursed it from beginning to end. He's got himself a nice property that's going to be a very great launching pad to his 1,000 units. He'd already gone to probably before, but this is a little bigger scale. So that was a great deal. 

And another student who should be closing on a much bigger deal next week. Fingers crossed. I think that one crosses the finish line as well. But we had a bunch of topics we talked about, the one that I want to bring to your attention was really cool. 

I had two of my most successful students on the call and they both have the exact same investment strategy. But they come about it in different ways. Now, that sounds strange, but let...

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How to Structure Debt Financing on Cash Flow Analyzer

blog Mar 25, 2018
Charles examines an Owner Forum member's CFA and delves into how to structure Debt Financing. He ask his students to send him over property packages of deals they are currently working on. Then, he choose one and analyze it live during his weekly Owner Forum Coaching Call.
This is a summary of Charles' tips for analyzing a deal.
Here's one: Never, never, never share your analysis of a deal with the broker!

With all the members of the OWNER FORUM that are all on the call, I just want to kind of give you an overview of some of the fun stuff we talked about - kind of giving us some great tips on multifamily investing and how it works. I have a bunch of students and I ask them if they want to see me analyze a deal online and we can take a look at it. They send me a property package and I will choose one. I will analyze it while we're on the call so that you can take a look at it and see how I analyze a deal. 

We did a little small 9-unit property, not a big property. It was an...

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