What is the Owner Forum?
The Owner Forum is the very best multifamily and apartment investing coaching, consulting, mentoring program available on the market today! Attorney Charles Dobens has taken his knowledge, experience, and success in multifamily investing and developed systems for overcoming the many obstacles you are bound to encounter. How successful would you be if you knew you couldn’t fail because you have an expert working with you every step on the way looking over your shoulder, so you don’t make any mistakes? This is a rare opportunity to learn – hands on - from the best while also being a part of the greatest group of multifamily investors you can find – the other members of the Owner Forum.

How much is the upfront investment in the Owner Forum?
There is no upfront fee. The Owner Forum is a pay as you go, monthly fee. No contracts whatsoever. It works like a monthly consulting fee to help you start and build your multifamily real estate investing business. You are building a new business. All businesses require cash, especially new businesses. You should hoard your cash! That’s why we do not charge exorbitantly priced coaching programs.

Will you be promoting other, higher-priced programs to me if I sign up?
No! The Owner Forum is my ONLY coaching program and you will never be asked to upgrade to another program. In addition, as long as you stay in the program, we will never go up on your rate. The first person in the Owner Forum is still a member and is still paying the same price five years later. 

Is there a contract? Is there an obligation?
No, it is up to you to stay in or leave the program. The Owner Forum exists to create value to all its members. If you aren’t achieving the educational and transactional assistance you need to keep growing your multifamily business, it is not the program for you.

Can I talk to current or former members as references for the program?
Absolutely, all members are instantly connected when you enroll. You will have the opportunity to speak to any Owner Forum member either one-on-one or in a group when you receive access to the Owner Forum Slack program. Here’s what you need to do. Sign up and take advantage of all benefits to the program right away. Get involved and ask anyone about their experience in the Owner Forum. As Charles Dobens always says, “if you love the program, tell everyone. If you don’t please tell me and I will fix it.” As Charles says, we can just shake hands and part friends.

How does the Owner Forum differ from other ‘gurus’” programs?
Charles Dobens will be the first one to tell you that he is NOT A GURU. According to the Massachusetts Bar Association, Charles is a legal professional, holding himself out as an expert in a particular non-legal related field. Though he is not representing you as your attorney, he is holding himself out as an expert and therefore is subject to the Professional Canon of Ethics promulgated by the Mass Bar Association. 

How can I justify spending $697 per month if I don’t even own properties yet?
Great question. First off, if $697 is a budget-breaker for you, please do not sign up for this program. When you are ready, we will be here for you. If you are looking to learn how to get into this business THE RIGHT WAY, you will have instant access to close to 1,000 hours of multifamily training all from Charles Dobens. There is no better on-line and in-person (live internet video) than the MFIA Owner Forum. If your goal is to own apartments in the next six months, then you MUST enroll today!!!

Why would someone who already owns 6,000 units need to stay in the Owner Forum?
One of Charles Dobens’ very first students who started the program with zero units and now owns over 6,000 units is STILL a member of the Owner Forum. And he is not alone. Part of his reason for staying is to give back to new investors and help them get up and running. In addition, the resources provided by the OF more than pay for themselves every month. This includes direct access to an attorney specializing in every aspect of the multifamily business. You will find that once you are in the program, you become a member of a great group of like-minded investors all striving for the same goal.



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