How to Use Other People's Money to Get Multifamily Deals Under Contract - The MFIA Earnest Money Program

by Charles Dobens, The Multifamily Attorney

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When I was getting started in multfamily investing on my way to owning over $20MM of property, I struck a deal with a fellow investor who's portfolio was liquid with cash. This deal enabled me to use his cash for me to get deal sunder contract.

The Multifamily Investing Academy's Earnest Money Deposit program was born.

Now, all members of the MFIA Owner Forum get access to this program. In this video, I show you how it works and I porovide you with the template documents you need to gets started doing it on your own.

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In this video, you will learn:

How to Use Other People's Money to Control Multifamily Deals Use the same tools, strategies and techniques that the Multifamily Investing Academy Owner Forum members use to get access to up to $50,000 in Earnest Money Deposit funds.

Take advantage of all the deals available to you and never worry about how to bind the contract! Consideration is taken care of for you when you use these strategies.

All the documents you need to get started. These are the same documents drafted by Dobens Law, LLC to protect all parties and get the deal under contract.


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