Charles Dobens will be presenting at the 18th ANNUAL LANDLORD CONVENTION in Cleveland on Friday, May 24th!

The 18th Annual National Convention will take place in Cleveland on May 23, 24, and 25 2019 at the Cleveland Marriott Airport Hotel

This convention is for landlords and real estate investors who want to learn more and who are looking to discover and take advantage of effective and successful investing and management methods that are being implemented by other successful rental owners and investors in the middle of economic challenges. If you are ready to make changes in your rental business, I invite you to join me in Cleveland, OH in May. This will be an event with tons of profit-building information you do not want to miss!

Early bird convention registration is $199. Regular registration is $299. You can bring a spouse and/or partner for only $99. The registration of $199 includes admission to 3 day convention and the bonus take-home resources!

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Charles Dobens, The MultifamilyAttorney, will present:

Anatomy of a Multifamily Deal or How to Start Your Multifamily Business in the Next 30 Days

• How to find a multifamily deal where no one else is looking!

• How to Analyze a Multifamily Deal Like a Pro

• How to Make Your First Sale – Getting Your Offer Accepted by the Seller
- What tips and tricks you should include in your offer to make you rise above the crowd

• Negotiating a Multifamily Purchase and Sale Contract to Protect Yourself
- See how a multifamily PSA has developed over a decade to protect the Buyer from ‘getting screwed’

• Writing the First Check – Your Earnest Money Deposit
- Where do you get it? How do you protect yourself?
- Don’t make rookie mistakes that enrich the seller at your expense

• Understanding the 3 phases of the Due Diligence process
- Which phase should you do first and if the deal fails this phase, don’t even get out of your chair to go see it.

• Financing: How to work with banks and find the equity for your deal
- Understand the terms for commercial loans and how to partner with equity partners

• How to transition to becoming an Owner / Operator
- Congratulations, now you are a performer in this business. Rinse and Repeat!


Presented by Attorney Charles Dobens, Founder of the Multifamily Investing Academy and successful multifamily investor, coach, and mentor!

Call 1-800-950-2250 to REGISTER and mention Charles Dobens to get a 25% DISCOUNT!

About Charles Dobens

Boston-based attorney Charles Dobens,, has developed a step-by-step program that will show new investors to seasoned professionals how to get started in the multifamily real estate investing business even with limited cash, credit or experience.

A successful attorney and consultant to multifamily investors all over the country, Charles Dobens has personally acquired over $20,000,000 of apartments and been involved, on behalf of his clients, in over $3B in multifamily transactions (yes, that's Billions with a 'B').

His legal and consulting practice has one specialty - helping new investors overcome any lack of confidence in moving towards their financial objective of owning and operating apartments.

As an investor himself, he has seen all sides of multifamily deals. In his self-deprecating, humor-filled, training style, he will walk you through the entire buying process in a way that no one else teaches. By the end of your time with him, you will totally understand what it takes to be a success in the multifamily business.


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