#138: How To Invest In Multifamily Even If You’re Outside The US with Rafi Mizrahi

podcast Dec 22, 2021

Rafi Mizrahi sounded like he was a client of my programs listening to him tell how he does his deals. Always remain in control of the deal, make a lot of offers, understand that this is a business and needs to be run like one are just a few of the things that he touched upon that I teach. 

In the beginning, he bought properties in Israel for 2 years, but the prices there, as he found out, were ridiculously expensive. He decided to shift his focus on buying houses in the United States from Israel with a goal: not to travel for every property bought. So, in 2010, he started buying houses and developed a system for buying houses in the States just by using the computer and a phone.

This proved not to be smooth but by the end of 2017, he made over 300 property transactions. This included Fix & Flip, wholesaling, and Buy & Hold. He was making a lot of money, but it was a lot of headaches and it was not scalable to where he thought it would be. That’s the reason why he shifted his focus on buying Multifamily. Using the systems he developed he syndicated 766 units over 6 properties and is now working on 250 units value add deal in Atlanta.

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How To Invest In Multifamily Even If You’re Outside The US with Rafi Mizrahi 

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The first multifamily deal he ever did
  • How being honest and fair got him his first accepted offer
  • This is all about sales and marketing. Sales and Marketing is a numbers game and the name of the game is make a lot of offers
  • Retrading is NOT a four-letter word
  • It’s all about systems!!!

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