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#205: How To Find Off-Market Multifamily Deals with Axel Ragnarrson

podcast Mar 22, 2023
Axel Ragnarrson

Axel is an active real estate investor and is based in Boston, MA. He purchased his first multifamily property during his sophomore year in college, leading to the founding of his real estate investment firm, Aligned Real Estate Partners. Currently, Aligned Real Estate Partners either directly owns or has a GP interest in 450+ units of multifamily real estate and has been a principal party in $62M+ worth of transactions. Axel and I discuss how to find off-market multifamily deals.

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How To Find Off-Market Multifamily Deals with Axel Ragnarrson

Axel has directly sourced, raised capital, and operated mid-large multifamily transactions in numerous markets throughout the U.S., including FL, IN, NH, and TX. He is also a founding partner of Blue Door Living, a property management company based in NH which currently manages over 300 units of small-midsized multifamily real estate.

Axel is also the host of The Multifamily Wealth Podcast, one of the most highly-rated multifamily real estate podcasts in the industry.

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Aligned Real Estate Partners

The Multifamily Wealth Podcast

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