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#40: Save Thousands On Your Taxes This Year with Christina Lael

podcast Feb 05, 2020

Christina Lael is the CEO and Founder of Lael Tax LLC. Christina’s business model is designed to help you save money on your taxes. Christina and I discuss some of the strategies she uses with her clients to help them save on their taxes.

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Save Thousands On Your Taxes This Year with Christina Lael 

Working with Christina myself, I cannot recommend her services enough. I had been looking for a new accountant for myself and she floored me with the presentation that she gave. The strategies Christina shared with me blew my mind and left me in disbelief that the accountant I was working with hadn't been using them. 

On our episode today, we go over some of the tax strategies Christina has used to save her clients money... such as a strategic tax plan, operating agreements, self-employment tax, putting your kids on the payroll, and even energy tax savings. If you're looking to save money on your taxes this year, schedule a free consultation call with Christina!

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