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#69: The Winning Real Estate Mindset with Aaron Chapman

podcast Aug 25, 2020

Aaron Chapman,  a veteran in the finance industry beginning in 1997, exited Mining, Heavy Equipment Operation, Welding, and long haul truck driving. Since entering the finance industry his clientele has ranged from those purchasing their first home, building their dream home, or investing in multiple properties for long term cash flow. His expertise is in the complicated.

Presently ranked #14 in an industry of over 300,000 licensed loan originators for transactions closed annually (723 closed units for real estate investors in 2019, 707 in 2018 and 676 in 2017); Aaron is that battle-worn partner every real estate entrepreneur needs to walk thru the tough parts of building a real estate business.

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The Winning Real Estate Mindset with Aaron Chapman

Aaron has an unconventional life compared to most people in the real estate space... he grew up on a cattle ranch, worked on an oil field in Wyoming, and worked in the mines of New Mexico. Despite his work experience, Aaron found himself out of work and overqualified on every job he applied for. 

Eventually, Aaron was dead broke that he wandered a parking lot for 2 hours looking for enough change to put two gallons of gas in his car. Aaron wasn't about to ask strangers for money, he put himself in this situation and he was going to figure it out.

While in that parking lot, Aaron came across an old friend who invited him out to dinner the next night. At dinner, Aaron's friend worked in the mortgage brokerage industry and gave Aaron the opening his looking for... as a telemarketer. 

Aaron has worked his way up from a telemarketer to doing over 120 transactions per month with a team of 25+ employees. But it wasn't always easy. He recalls a time on Christmas Day when he went into in the office to close a deal and later found out the client chose to go with another broker to save 1/8 of a % point... written off as "just business."

If you're someone who's looking to succeed in the real estate space, then this is the episode for you because Aaron doesn't hold back what it takes to achieve success! 

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