#93: Why People Fail At Real Estate Investing with Ali Boone

podcast Feb 10, 2021

Ali Boone the founder of Hipster Investments and is a 2x guest on the podcast! I had so much the first time I wanted to have Ali back on the show. In this episode, we discuss why people fail at real estate investing.

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Why People Fail At Real Estate Investing with Ali Boone 

Ali Boone is the author of a new book, NOT Your How-to Guide to Real Estate Investing: Life Lessons on Hacking Your Mind Before You Hack Your Wallet, Ali explains why you shouldn’t start with typical real estate investment books. Those books have skipped the most important part of any real estate investor’s career: mindset.

Mindset isn’t just part of the equation for learning how to invest like a champ. It’s everything, and no real estate investing how-to is complete without it. Now you can learn to hack a growth mindset with secret strategies and little-known techniques that you won’t find anywhere else.

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