#59: Succeeding As An Out Of State Investor with Antoine Martel

podcast Jun 17, 2020

Antoine Martel is a 25-year-old real estate investor from Toronto, Canada. While still in college Antoine learned about real estate investing and knew it was his calling. From his dorm room, he completed his first BRRRR project out of state with his father's $40,000. Since then Antoine and his family have completed over 200 real estate projects and currently have a $14M real estate portfolio.  

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Succeeding As An Out Of State Investor with Antoine Martel 

While in college, Antoine attended his first real estate event and had an eye-opening experience into the world of investing. He tried investing in the Bay Area for over 6 months, but couldn't make any of the deals work. Antoine even tried to invest in locations within a few hour's drive but found no success.  

Unsure of how to succeed as an investor, Antoine turned to networking and tried to meet as many successful real estate investors as he could. What he quickly realized is that those from California were investing out of state. 

When Antoine discovered out of state investing he would do market research and cold call people every day. At the top of his list was Memphis and Cleveland and after making over 250 cold calls to real estate agents he finally found the perfect property in Memphis. After his first deal, Antoine's business quickly caught fire from there. 

In this episode you'll learn:

  • Antoine's initial investing strategy 
  • How he's been able to grow his business with other people's money 
  • How to put a team in place that allows you to scale quickly 
  • The key points Antoine looks for in a market 
  • Why he wanted to retire his dad  

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