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#35: I Knew This Client Would Be a Success - 5,000 Units Later with Bob Bryenton

podcast Jan 01, 2020

You have heard me say that I love this business and I love the people in this business. Meet one of my very first clients and now one of my very dearest friends. Bob Bryenton began his multifamily career with no units. I helped him get his first 36 and now he owns over 5,000 apartment units. What a story! 

I started working with Bob Bryenton back when he was knee-high to a grasshopper and look at him now -  one of the best success stories out of New Hampshire, myself included.

Listen to Bob as he talks about the multifamily business and how he went from zero to hero which means over 5000 apartment units in a very short time. I remember the first phone call I had with Bob many many years ago and even that I knew he would be a success in the business because he came to this business understanding it is all about sales and marketing. Join me on today’s podcast because I enjoyed it and I know you will too! 


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Bob founded US Real Estate Ventures, LLC in 2008 after starting his investment career in 1996. Bob and I got started on a 36-unit property together and since then he is the owner and operator of 5386 units. Bob has learned a lot from his first deal... what happens when you invest with the Federal Government a.k.a HUD. He and I are going to talk through how someone can get started in real estate to building a multifamily empire. 

In this episode you'll also learn: 

  • How to sell yourself and your opportunity 
  • Project-based vs Voucher based
  • The one thing Bob wishes he had done sooner 
  • The hardest part of getting started as a real estate investor
  • Why you need to delegate as much as possible 
  • Why Bob focuses more on expenses than revenue 
  • Bob's best and worst day in real estate

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