#105: The Benefits of Investing In Oil and Gas with Bob Burr

podcast May 05, 2021

Robert Burr has been in the oil business since 1973. Bob educates the Multifamily Investing audience on the tax benefits and other advantages of having oil in your portfolio.

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The Benefits of Investing In Oil and Gas with Bob Burr

Robert D. Burr is truly one of a kind. When he speaks, people listen because they have never heard anyone quite like him.

Born and raised in Louisiana Bob still has a bit of a drawl, but that doesn’t stop him from getting right to the heart of the matter, no matter what the subject might be.

Over the past 40+ years, Bob has generated hundreds of millions of dollars for Oil and Gas Ventures. He is a master syndicator and deal strategist.

The recent crisis in the Oil Patch has been a huge opportunity for some like Mr. Burr who saw what was coming and moved to capitalize on it. Panex acquired the BR Dome fields outside of Houston, TX, where wells were shut-in by the pandemic.

With just a few of our over 200 wells back online, they are now producing over 300 barrels of oil per day and paying 12% interest to their investing partners.

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