#87: Leaving Your W2 To Invest In Real Estate with Chad Sutton

podcast Dec 30, 2020

 Chad is a third-generation real estate investor, recovering engineer, and managing partner of NextGen Real Capital. Chad and I discuss how you can leave your W2 job to invest in real estate.

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Leaving Your W2 To Invest In Real Estate with Chad Sutton

Chad's journey with real estate began when his wife and he purchased their first home years ago in a market that was so hot it almost priced them out completely. After doing a live in rehab and reaping the rewards of sweat equity (because it was all that they could afford to do at the time), value-add real estate investing has become a love affair that will last him a lifetime.

In his investment life, Chad followed the mainstream investment strategy of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds for many years until he realized that forced appreciation in real estate was something he could control and generate significantly better returns…if he only knew how.

After learning that commercial real estate assets were valued on the income they generate and not using the comparable method as in the residential world, Chad was hooked. Chad had learned a beautiful thing, forced appreciation by means of operational and capital improvements on existing properties. 

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