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#113: How To Retire Early with Passive Income with Cody Loughlin

podcast Jun 30, 2021

Cody is a serial entrepreneur who started to learn finance at 19 and was a millionaire at 27, bankrupt at 28 and retired early at 39 to teach financial literacy, successful mindset, and entrepreneurship. Cody and I discuss how to retire early with passive income.

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How To Retire Early with Passive Income with Cody Loughlin 

Cody's companies have reached over $200M+ in sales while reaching the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies twice. Between opening 13 different companies and counting he has also served as the vice-president of a commercial bank and financed over $100M+ in loans. 

Realizing the lack of financial education in the school system, Cody has set out to change the financial trajectory of today's youth by giving the tools to parents to deepen their relationship with their children while giving them the information they need to be financially free. 

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