#156: Why Return On Equity Matters with Duc Ong

podcast Apr 27, 2022

Duc Ong serves as the CFO and Director of Investor Relations for Tri-city Equity Group. As a real estate investor, Duc is a partner in 804 units across 8 states. Duc and I discuss why return on equity matters.

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Why Return On Equity Matters with Duc Ong

A resident of Honolulu for more than 17 years, Duc Ong has lived and worked in many areas on Oahu. Duc has sold homes in all price ranges from starter homes and luxury condominiums, multi-family properties, and investment properties totaling over $32M in career sales. 

As a real estate investor, Duc is a partner in 804 units across 8 states. He is a limited partner in a 310-unit community in El Paso, TX.

As an active investor, he owns a single-family rental property in Anaheim, CA, 15 units in one JV in Pittsburgh, PA, and 494 units as a GP with Tri-city Equity Group in Saginaw, MI, El Paso, TX, Salem/Roanoke, VA, Johnson City, TN, and Berlin, MD.

He owns a personal residence condominium in Honolulu. His broad experience as a real estate investor in both Oahu and mainland properties allows him to provide his clients with the best experience in both buying and selling properties. He specializes in working with investors.

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