#11: Clean Up That Credit - LEGALLY! with Ed Garrett

podcast Jul 10, 2019

Ever wonder how to get your credit cleaned up THE RIGHT WAY? Concerned about those companies on the internet that promise to clean up your credit for a low monthly fee? People like to work with me because they are working with a licensed practicing attorney. Wouldn't you want to do the same thing when it comes to cleaning up your credit? Meet my good friend, Attorney Ed Garret, founder of CreditImprovers.com. Listen in and find out why I can't recommend Ed highly enough!

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Clean Up That Credit - LEGALLY! with Ed Garrett

Ed Garrett is a practicing attorney in the state of Ohio who's entire focus is getting your credit cleaned up the right way. When you're looking to get your credit cleaned up, you shouldn't work with someone who sets their company up like an annuity. 

When you decide to work with Ed, he can increase your credit score by 80-100 points within 4-6 weeks. His clients typically see their credit improving within two weeks. Ed charges a one-time upfront fee of $750 or $850 for a married couple. 

The way Ed works is that he gets your basic information, i.e. name, address, SSN, etc. He helps you get a credit report. Ed and his team analyze info from 3 major credit reporters to determine what is pulling down your credit score. From there, he forces negative information out from the credit card. Fair credit reporting act allows Ed to help take down negative information from your credit report.

I personally recommend Ed from working with him twice and have seen my credit score go up over 150 points. If anyone would like to work with Ed, they can mention my name and they will receive a $100 discount. 

In this episode we also cover:

  • How Ed exactly contests a credit report
  • What to do if you're encountering bankruptcy
  • Why you should not have multiple credit cards
  • What your percentage of balance versus maximum allowance should be
  • The credit service you should sign up for

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Ed's company

Links mentioned in the show: 

How to improve your credit score webinar

Multifamily Investing Academy

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