#79: From 2 Units To 144 Units In 9 Months with Ellis Hammond

podcast Nov 04, 2020

Ellis Hammond’s investing journey began when he was still
a full-time college pastor. With the goal to create passive cash flow for his family, he realized that investing in real estate could be an incredible resource to help his family and many others achieve financial freedom.

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From 2 Units To 144 Units In 9 Months with Ellis Hammond

Ellis and his wife invested in a duplex in San Diego in 2018 and nine months later Ellis co-GP’d on a 144 unit complex in Memphis, TN.

Today, Ellis is the founder of Kingdom Capitalists, the #1 mastermind community for Christian real estate entrepreneurs. He also manages his own network of investors who are seeking passive investment opportunities in multifamily apartment complexes across the U.S.

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