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#38: Ever Wonder What Three Multifamily Gurus Talk About When They Are Alone? With Jake and Gino

podcast Jan 22, 2020

I had the distinct pleasure to get Jake and Gino on my podcast. What a blast and a great time. We talked about our business, what makes us tick and what the future holds for the multifamily business. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did making it.

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Ever Wonder What Three Multifamily Gurus Talk About When They Are Alone? With Jake and Gino

How did Jake and Gino go from nothing to owning over 1500+ units and having $100,000,000 in assets under management? It all started with humble beginnings, a quest to enjoy the one life that they were given. They started together and quickly learned that their core values aligned together.

Gino had been trying to invest in NY, but the market just wasn't there. Jake was looking to invest in Knoxville, TN. For six months Jake lived by himself, away from his wife. It took him and Gino eighteen months to find a property to purchase; a twenty-five unit property with owner financing. From their modest start, they purchased their second property six months later and then the snowball effect started to take place. They will say it wasn't always easy, but it was most certainly worth it. 

In this episode you also learn: 

  • The #1 thing you need to do before you start investing 
  • Why self-development can be the key to your real estate success
  • How to look at multifamily like a long game 
  • Why you need to be constantly monitoring your revenue 
  • How to create a personal balance statement 
  • Where the market is heading in 2020 and beyond 

Connect with Jake and Gino: 

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