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#188: How To Develop Good Relationships With Your Investors with Jared Asch

podcast Nov 23, 2022

Jared Asch is the Partner in Crown Capital in charge of Building Relationships with Investors. Jared is a general partner and investor in a 134-unit apartment building in Houston, TX as well as a GP on apartments in Lubbock, TX, and Louisville, KY. Jared and I discuss how to develop good relationships with your investors.

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How To Develop Good Relationships With Your Investors with Jared Asch

Jared has been investing in real estate since 2017 and owns several rental properties in Memphis, TN.

In addition to his work with Crown Capital, Jared is the Founder of Capstone Government Affairs. Jared has over two decades of experience in government affairs, economic development consulting and is an expert at building relationships.

Jared has a Master’s in Public Administration from American University and a Bachelor of Science from Florida State University. He is LEED®AP certified by the US Green Building Council. 

Jared currently serves the City of Walnut Creek as a Transportation Commissioner, and he is on the Chairman of Board of Advisors to the Contra Costa County Transit Agency. Jared is a 2x Iron Man and an avid triathlete. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and three children.

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