#39: How To Run Your Real Estate Business In 4 Hours Per Day with Jason Roberts and Rachel Schneider

podcast Jan 29, 2020

Jason and Rachel ran a multimillion dollar mortgage company and then the market crashed and left them reeling. After the market crashed, they had to find a new way to use their talent. Implementing the real estate strategies they have honed over time they have since closed well north of 300+ real estate transactions (pre-foreclosures/short sales, wholesales, probates, etc.) They now run a top coaching program with the nation's leading investors, own a profitable hard money lending company, with over 2 million dollars in loans out to their coaching students at any given time, share their wealth of knowledge as co-owners of their local REIA all the while continuing to flip houses.

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How To Run Your Real Estate Business In 4 Hours Per Day with Jason Roberts and Rachel Schneider 

Jason and Rachel thought they had made the right move by taking control of their own destiny and starting a mortgage company. They were losing money every month from 2007 to 2010. Jason and Rachel learned through the market crash that they had to find a new way to make money. 

They look back at the crash now and realize what a blessing it had been. Jason and Rachel learned how to operate with each other's strengths. They also made the conscious decision to run their business completely debt-free. But above everything else, Jason and Rachel started running their business on 4 hours per day. They didn't want to make so much money that they were trading their life away by working so many hours. 

Jason and Rachel can attest that it wasn't easy designing their life to revolve around 4-hour workdays, especially since they had always put in 12 hour+ days. If you don't design your life, the world will design it for you. If the task you are working on isn't the highest income task, someone else should be taking it on. Keep the time to yourself where you know you're going to excel. To become successful as Jason and Rachel would put it, you have to become comfortable being uncomfortable. 

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