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#23: How To Achieve Passive Income Through Real Estate Investing with Jason Yarusi

podcast Oct 02, 2019

Jason Yarusi is an active Real Estate Syndicator and Real Estate Investor. Jason founded Yarusi Holdings, a multifamily investment firm with over 450 units under management. Jason and I discuss how he went from owning small multifamily properties to owning close to 100 units.

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Jason had been investing in small multifamily properties but knew that never he'd be able to hit his goals. Jason wanted more passive income and a less active role. He ended up purchasing a 94 unit property in Kentucky for $2.3 Million. 

The property had been owned by a 90-year-old man who passed it down to his sons. His sons didn't want to deal with the property as they were out-of-state which allowed Jason to get a great price. This deal exemplifies the fact that Jason preaches being patiently aggressive. 

No matter what deal you come across, you need to justify the price. When you can justify the price, you can bring the property to potential investors and end up closing the deal. 

In this episode you'll also learn: 

  • How to find a great property management company 
  • Why you need to commit and take action
  • How Jason started a meetup group of 2,000+ members
  • Understanding your big WHY for being a real estate investor
  • How Jason overcame his sewer system going down 

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