#06: Two Multifamily Investors Were Walking Down the Street . . . . (find out what happens next on this week's podcast) with Jeff Greenberg

podcast Jun 05, 2019

How would you like to hear two seasoned multifamily investors talk about their past experiences? That's exactly what happens in today's episode with Jeff Greenberg. We talk about everything from our first deals all the way to our worst deals!

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Two Multifamily Investors Were Walking Down the Street . . . 

When I talk with Jeff Greenberg, I feel as though I'm talking with an old friend of mine. Jeff was an original student of mine. He first became my student in 2009 and ultimately, made his first deal in 2010. 

Jeff owns 300 student housing units in various locations around the country. He also recently closed on 225 units in Amarillo, TX. While I don't prefer to invest in Texas, Jeff likes to call it the landlord friendly state. 

Over the course of the episode, we talk back and forth between our first deal and our worst deal. We also talk about investments we know that people made and what went wrong with them. If you're someone who learns by example, this is the podcast for you!

In this episode we cover:

  • What to look for when buying student houses
  • Jeff's favorite game that he says is better than cash flow 101
  • The lessons we learned investing in multifamily properties
  • What happens when you partner with the government 
  • Why your investment shouldn't be your lifeline 
  • Investing in a real estate syndication

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Multifamily Investing Academy

Millionaire Maker

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