#74: The Best Alternative To Syndication You're Not Using with Jeff Lerman

podcast Sep 30, 2020

Jeff Lerman – Practicing attorney and, in my opinion, the expert and go-to-guy for Joint Venture Partnerships. If you are done doing the dance with the SEC and would like to put your deals together in such a way that you never have to ask the question “Should I do a Reg A? D? 506(b)? 506 (c)? or any other alphabet soup like question, then listen to my friend Jeff Lerman as he explains exactly how you need to structure your next deal so that you never have to deal with the SEC again.

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The Best Alternative To Syndication You're Not Using with Jeff Lerman

Jeff Lerman has established a nationwide reputation as “The Real Estate Investor’s Lawyer”.  He is also a real estate investor and member of a family office.  His clients appreciate that he understands them and their business and uses his investing experience to craft more practical, creative, and effective solutions to their problems.  His law firm helps investors nationwide with their transactions and helps California investors with their litigation. 

He has been featured on TV, radio, in publications, and in front of numerous real estate investment clubs to speak on various real estate topics.    He has lectured at UC Berkeley Fisher Center for Real Estate & Urban Economics and the USC Law Center.  He is Managing Partner of Lerman Law Partners.  Jeff has been practicing law for 40 years and is the former general counsel for two national real estate syndication companies.  He is a highly sought-after speaker.

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