#90: Diagnosed with Leukemia To Millionaire Real Estate Investor with Jeffrey Holst

podcast Jan 20, 2021

Jeff is a recovering attorney, a full-time real estate investor with more than 200 residential units and several commercial properties. He is co-host of the Old Fashioned Real Estate Show where they mix bourbon old fashioneds and real estate investing.

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Diagnosed with Leukemia To Millionaire Real Estate Investor with Jeffrey Holst

Jeff is a recovering attorney who spends his time as a real estate investor. Jeff graduated early and with honors from Michigan State College of Law where he was the graduating class speaker. He also holds an MBA.

At 30 years old, Jeff checked the last item off his personal bucket list by climbing Machu Picchu. He was on top of the world. As he stood looking down at the lost Incan city, he had been living the life of his dreams. He was well-traveled, having previously visited the Pyramids in Egypt, climbed to the top of Mt Sinai, swam with sharks in Belize, and backpacked alone around Europe.

He married the girl of his dreams. He had a beautiful house in the suburbs and a thriving law practice. Two weeks later, he was in the hospital dying. His business was in disarray, his wife was barely holding it together and he was on his way to bankruptcy.

Today, at 42 years old, just over a decade later, Jeff is back on top. He is a millionaire, with over 200 residential units in his personal portfolio. He also owns multiple commercial properties. He is still married to the girl of his dreams and continues to travel extensively. In February of 2020 Jeff climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and stood at the highest point in Africa.

He is the co-host and founder of the Last Life Ever Podcast. As the original “Last Lifer,”  Jeff is passionate about helping people live the best possible version of their lives. He is also co-host of the Old Fashioned Real Estate Show where the hosts drink bourbon old fashioneds and talk about real estate investing.

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