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#36: How To Set Up Your Company The Right Way with Jennifer Gligoric

podcast Jan 08, 2020

Jennifer Gligoric is the COO and Co-Founder of Leafy Legal Services and Co-Host of Leafy Podcast. Jennifer and her partner Brian have been helping entrepreneurs and real estate investors get started for the last 20+ years individually, and together for the past 8 years. Jennifer and I discuss how to set up your company the right way.

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How To Set Up Your Company The Right Way with Jennifer Gligoric 

Being a real estate investor herself, Jennifer understands what it takes to become successful. Today, Jennifer and her company help investors and entrepreneurs protect their assets, set up LLC's, and retirement accounts. How you set up your company plays a determining factor in whether you are going to be successful or not. Are you going to treat your company like a business or are you going to just go by the fly? 

Every year in America there are over 100 Million+ lawsuits filed. If you don't set up your company the right way you can get sued and not even know about it! To work with Jennifer's company you first start with a discovery call followed by an expert consultation. If you are looking to take your company seriously and set it up correctly I highly recommend working with Jennifer's company!

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