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#37: From Rags To Real Estate with Jeremy Burgess

podcast Jan 15, 2020

Meet Jeremy Burgess, one of the present-day, Renaissance men of this business. While everyone was running from it, Jeremy packed up his worldly belongings, burnt the ships (a man after my own heart) and moved to Detroit, MI. He has made it and lost it twice (never trust a real estate investor who has not lived through at least one cycle) and has lived to tell about it on this week's podcast!


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From Rags To Real Estate with Jeremy Burgess

Jeremy moved to Detroit in 2007 and since then he has flipped, wholetailed, wholesaled, rented, land contracted, turn-key rentaled, and listed and sold over 600 deals. This isn't without failure as Jeremy has lost everything twice and is still recovering. You can tell right away that Jeremy is not going to let anything or anyone stand in his way of success... an attitude you need to develop if you wish to be a successful investor. 

Today, Jeremy works almost exclusively for other investors and real estate investors. On the buyer's side, he looks over the list of wholesale deals. Jeremy is always searching for deals for his buyers. Each day he spends be between 2-3 hours prospecting... prospecting is the art of not waiting for the deal to come to you. Jeremy said it best, "If you don't hunt today you won't eat tomorrow." 

In this episode you also learn: 

  • What contributes to the health of your business 
  • How Detroit can be turned around quicker
  • Why you don't need a partner 
  • How to remain control in the deal 
  • How Jeremy generates as much cash as he can to accelerate his business
  • Why Jeremy chooses to work in 6 counties 

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Jeremy's website

Jeremy's podcast

Jeremy's Meetup Group

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