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#12: Meet the Most Prolific Real Estate Podcaster Ever! with Joe Fairless

podcast Jul 17, 2019

The first podcast I was ever on many many years ago was from some young upstart named Joe Fairless. Now it's my turn to interview him about what he has done since we last chatted. Can I just say, it is just a phenomenal testament to what you can do when you keep your head down and eye on the ball (even if you went to Texas Tech)!

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Meet the Most Prolific Real Estate Podcaster Ever!

with Joe Fairless

Joe started in the advertising agency with a salary of $30,000. He bought his first single-family property in 2009 for $76,000. Joe went on to buy 4 more single-family properties, but quickly learned that $200 in cash flow was not going to get him the life he wanted as Joe couldn't scale it quick enough. This is when Joe decided to start investing in multifamily. 

Joe bought his first multifamily property in Cincinnati, OH where he still resides today. It was the first and only property that Joe has lost money on. He quickly learned that as a multifamily syndicator, you had to be part of the deal, money, or executer. 

Joe eventually brought in a partner who had over a decade worth of experience. His partner brought expertise that Joe did not have. When you're dealing with people at the top of their game, you need to have a certain degree of expertise. 

In this episode we also cover:

  • What markets Joe invests in
  • How quickly Joe puts together his investor package
  • How Joe is able to find partners
  • What Joe's criteria are when investing in a multifamily property
  • Why your team needs an alignment of interest

Connect with Joe:

Joe's website

Joe's podcast

Joe's syndication book

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