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#70: The Re-Pricing Of The Real Estate Market with Jonathan Twombly

podcast Sep 02, 2020

Listen to how this NYC corporate attorney burned the ships and called it a career so he could enter the world of multifamily investing.  I had heard so much about Jonathan Twombly that when I finally met him, he had a high threshold to reach just to get to the hype that I had heard from his counterparts. I think he did pretty well. But you decide. The founder of the Multifamily Launchpad survives my scrutiny and comedy and comes out the other end as my new friend. Enjoy!

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The Re-Pricing Of The Real Estate Market with Jonathan Twombly

Jonathan was a real estate litigation lawyer for 6 years (of a law career of 12 years) before moving into real estate investing full-time in 2011. He founded Two Bridges Asset Management LLC in 2013. They have done a number of syndications of 100+ unit assets in South Carolina, but sold their entire portfolio in 2019.

Jonathan is currently expanding his investor base and welcoming new investors, as they believe that the Covid event will lead to a re-pricing in the market that they plan to take advantage of.

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