#137: The 2022 Housing Forecast with Kathy Fettke

podcast Dec 15, 2021

Kathy Fettke was a trooper for this show. Thanks to the slowest email service on record, I did not get her email in time where she told me she was under the weather and asked to reschedule. She still showed up and we had a lot of fun discussing her business.

Her company RealWeath Network was created as a result of some devastating she and her husband received from his doctor. And of course, me seeing the silver lining in everything, told her that her husband’s diagnosis was the best thing that ever happened to them.

She, fortunately, laughed at that (Phew!).

Don’t be taken advantage of by financial planners or investment “gurus” with hidden agendas. If you’re concerned about retirement, the next financial crisis, or the impending stock market crash, then join over 58,000 other RealWealth® members who want the financial peace of mind that comes with owning hard assets..” – Kathy Fettke

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The 2022 Housing Forecast with Kathy Fettke

Some topics that were discussed include:

  •  How did a cancer diagnosis with a prognosis of six months change the direction of her life
  •  How adding a partner/advertiser to her radio show changed the direction of her business
  •  What did Robert Kiyosaki teach her that enabled her to start the Real Wealth Network that now helps thousands of investors?
  •  The three things that all investors need to do to find that deal (Hint. Follow the jobs)
  •  Understand the fundamentals of the real estate business
  •  When is the next crash and how should you position yourself!

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Real Wealth Network

The Real Wealth Show

Retire Rich With Rentals

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