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#29: Increase Revenue and Reduce Utility Expenses with Kevin Gardner

podcast Nov 20, 2019

Kevin Gardner is the founder of Telecom Marketing Strategies (Parent Company of Multifamily Utility Solutions). His company works with multifamily owners to increase their revenue by reducing utility costs. Kevin and I discuss how he started his business and how he’s been able to expand to electric and gas utilities!

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Increase Revenue and Reduce Utility Expenses with Kevin Gardner

During Kevin's time with Comcast, he personally executed agreements for hundreds of thousands of multifamily units. Today, his company helps you negotiate and understand your cable contracts. Kevin has only one goal... to make you more money because when you make money Kevin makes money. The best part of his service is that he charges nothing upfront, only a revenue share of the money he's able to make you! 

In this episode you'll also learn:

  • Understanding if your cable provider needs a contract to be on your property
  • The number of units needed to work with Kevin's company 
  • How brokers can shop your rate 
  • The different variables that go into getting your rate cut
  • Why you shouldn't allow satellite dishes on your property

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Kevin's website

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