#16: Look Mom, No Financing - and Other Things Investors Never Want to Hear with Kevin Jenkins

podcast Aug 14, 2019

A good friend to the MFIA Owner Forum members as well as most multifamily investors is my good friend from NorthMarq Capital, Kevin Jenkins. Kevin and I discuss how to get deals funded and what you need to know about funding options when you are sizing up a deal.

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Look Mom, No Financing - and Other Things Investors Never Want to Hear with Kevin Jenkins

As a multifamily investor, you need to know what financing options are available to you. Kevin is the go-to guy for your financing needs. Kevin works as the underwriter and has seen it all. You need to remember that the lender is not only protecting themselves, but they are also protecting you. If your pricing doesn't match up with the financing, you shouldn't force as a deal and as Kevin has seen, it can end in disaster. 

In this episode we also cover: 

  • The importance of a Property Condition Report (PCR)
  • The 2 questions every real estate investor needs to ask themselves 
  • Why a letter of interest can be your best friend 
  • The two different types of needs an engineer looks at 
  • What to look for in deferred maintenance

Connect with Kevin: 

Kevin's website

Kevin's email: [email protected]

Kevin's phone number: 704-927-4337

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