#67: How To Generate Passive Income through Multifamily Real Estate with Kyle Mitchell

podcast Aug 12, 2020

Kyle Mitchell is a real estate entrepreneur who has a focus on Multifamily Syndication and currently has $17MM AUM. He is the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of APT Capital Group, whose mission is to positively impact the lives of their investors and the communities in which they invest through the highest level of transparency and fiduciary responsibility.

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How To Generate Passive Income through Multifamily Real Estate with Kyle Mitchell

Kyle had been working as a regional manager for American Golf which does property management for golf courses. Kyle had grown tired of property management and was looking to grow and expand in his life. This was around the time Kyle started listening to real estate podcasts and audiobooks. 

In 2017, Kyle eventually quit his job to pursue real estate full-time. He had been planning his exit and saving up money prior to quitting his job and burning the boats. Kyle knew that if he was to be successful in real estate he needed to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

After driving to Tuscon, AZ at 2 am and looking at properties for months, Kyle finally purchased his first 42-unit property. After the first property, Kyle quickly purchased his second unit. Kyle was always looking ahead and built his investor database 18 months prior to his first deal. Kyle is now flourishing in the multifamily real estate space!

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