#02: Day Trading for your Multifamily Real Estate Business with Larry Goins

podcast May 06, 2019

While I've heard some unusual ways to raise money to invest in multifamily properties, my guest Larry Goins has the story that tops them all. Larry was able to generate cash from real estate day trading that allowed him to invest in multifamily properties. Larry story is one that defines that it doesn't matter where you start, all that matters is where you end. 

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Day Trading for your Multifamily Real Estate Business

The first thing Larry mentions when it comes to real estate day trading is that you always have to be generating leads. The more leads you generate the greater chance you have of finding a property that works. One way Larry generates leads is through direct mail. 

Once Larry has generated a lead, he makes an offer on the first call. Larry made it known that you have to be a salesman in the real estate business. When you make an offer on the first call, you're able to separate the suspects from the prospects. Larry couldn't stress enough that: The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

At the root of every property, there is a reason the seller is selling. It's your job as a real estate investor to get down to the truth on why the seller is wanting to get rid of their property. When you find out why a seller is selling, you get a better price. When you get your price, it's time to send out your mobile notary and close the deal!

In the episode we also cover: 

  • How to user owner financing to increase your returns
  • How to find deals through HUD
  • Understanding the shotgun and rifle approach
  • How to use HUD to your advantage
  • How to bid homes on HUD
  • Why building relationships are everything in real estate 

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To get books and video trainings from Larry, call and ask for the free investors kit: 877-larry-go (877-5277-946)

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