#33: Enodo - Multifamily Game Changer with Marc Rutzen

podcast Dec 18, 2019

If you have not heard about Enodo yet, I am about to change your world. Meet Marc Rutzen, the founder of Enodo. If you are looking to acquire multifamily property, then you MUST use the services of Enodo. Even their free tools are beyond cool. He is the Steve  Jobs of multifamily investing - I didn't know I needed a smartphone until Jobs showed it to me. Now I can't live without it. That's Marc Rutzen for the multifamily world. (And Owner Forum members get a 70% discount from Enodo!)

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Enodo - Multifamily Game Changer with Marc Rutzen

Enodo is an automated underwriting platform for multifamily real estate. Enodo helps users analyze more deals in less time and make better investment decisions backed by data science. Enodo is a must if you are serious about investing in real estate. 

In our episode today, Marc walks you through the free tools available in Enodo. Toward the end of the episode, Marc discusses the paid-for features within Enodo. If you want to be a successful real estate investor, you need to have data in your hand. Sellers will lie, inflate their numbers, and do anything to make the property look better than it is. The data presented from Enodo will allow you to properly assess a property before determining whether you should make an offer! 

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