#86: How To Profit $1 Million In 12 Months with Mike Simmons

podcast Dec 23, 2020

Mike Simmons is a real estate investor, podcast host, speaker, and author of the book, Level Jumping. Mike and I discuss the principles that allowed him to take his business from virtually nothing to over $1 Million in 12 Months.

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How To Profit $1 Million In 12 Months with Mike Simmons

Mike was 33 years old, working at a very low paying job, and starting to contemplate his future. Specifically, his retirement. Needless to say, Mike was in a job that he did not like at all, working for someone who he did not respect, and very unhappy.

After only a few short months of researching what was, his opinion, the most boring subject he had ever researched in his life, Mike stumbled onto something called real estate investing. Once Mike stumbled into the world of real estate investing, he was hooked.

Mike got his feet wet doing 1-2 deals per month but wanted more out of his life. For a few years, he bounced around, making a lot of mistakes, doing a lot of things wrong, and not making a lot of money. Mike learned from his mistakes and then finally really turned the corner and took his business from a few deals a month to 12 to 16 deals per month!

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