#26: Create Your Own Real Estate Book In Only 7 Hours with Nick Raithel

podcast Oct 30, 2019

Truth in Lending! Disclaimer! After listening to Nick and hearing how he is able to help you get your book written in 7 hours, I SIGNED UP WITH HIM! I have been looking for a guy like Nick and I am so looking forward to working with him to get my first book completed! 

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Nick Raithel is the creator of The 7-Hour Book. This proven system allows any real estate investor to get their own professionally-published book while spending only 7 hours of their time on it.

Nick saw an opportunity for real estate investors that didn't involve handing out their business card at REIA events. He realized that when a real estate investor had a book of their own to hand out they instantly became credible... a trait you need to be a successful real estate investor. 

Nick and I go in-depth on how he's worked with other real estate investors to help them write their first book. Nick's company can even take the work of marketing the book off your hands by employing the free + shipping model. More than anything, the most important aspect of your book is making sure that it doesn't sit on your shelf.  

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