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#103: How To Scale Your Multifamily Investing Business with Oscar Buendia

podcast Apr 21, 2021

Oscar Buendia is a USAF Captain, and co-founder of REI Brothers and GoodDay Capital. He currently owns and operates 22 units worth $1.5 Million. Oscar and I discuss how to scale your multifamily investing business.

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How To Scale Your Multifamily Investing Business with Oscar Buendia

Currently Stationed at Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs, CO, Oscar is fully pursuing his dream of owning and operating multi-family real estate and helping others achieve their financial freedom goals.

Oscar has been investing in real estate since 2013. He initially attempted different real estate strategies such as wholesaling and fix & flip with a local area group. Quickly, he realized that this was not his niche. In 2017, he went the buy-and-hold route and purchased his first duplex. For this, he was able to buy below market value, do a minor rehab and force appreciate the asset. This opened his eyes to the benefits and long-haul journey to financial freedom.

In 2019, Oscar partnered up with his brother German, with the initial intention to purchase a few properties in Ohio. That soon changed when they found a 20-unit rental portfolio. From there they networked and problem-solved their way to purchasing this portfolio. Currently, they are working towards stabilization and then the disposition of assets. Their eyes were open on how to scale to larger assets, and from there they have set their eyes on raising capital and apartment syndication.

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