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#76: Raising $700K+ For Your First Syndication Deal with Pancham Gupta

podcast Oct 14, 2020

Pancham is a host of The Gold Collar Investor podcast, full-time real estate syndicator, and principal of Mesos Capital. Pancham manages and controls over $32M in real estate. Pancham and I talk about how he raised $700K+ for his first real estate syndication deal.  

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Raising $700K+ For Your First Syndication Deal with Pancham Gupta

He has bought and invested in properties in 5 different states and internationally. Pancham is great at finding value propositions and has successfully built a portfolio that is cash-flowing in double digits.

He is a co-founder of the Multifamily Mastermind NYC group. Recently, he was on a panel in a real estate conference ( held in Denver. 

In the episode you'll learn: 

  • The markets and cities where Pancham invests 
  • How to raise money from your friends and family 
  • Why having a good network is key to raising money 
  • How to manage properties from out of state
  • The benefits of rural development 
  • How you can use the LIHTC to your advantage

Connect with Pancham: 

Pancham's website 

Pancham's podcast

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