#41: How To Start Your Own Fund with Paul Moore

podcast Feb 12, 2020

If you haven't noticed yet, I love podcasting. I think my guests are so interesting. And then every once in a while, a guest comes along that just blows it out of the water. That's what happened when I interviewed Paul Moore. It was supposed to be a discussion on how to set up a fund (don't worry, we got to that) but it morphed into one of the best discussions about the state of the multifamily industry. This one will be nominated for a 2020 Award! 

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How To Start Your Own Fund with Paul Moore 

Paul Moore is the managing director and co-founder of Wellings Capital, a private equity commercial real estate fund. Wellings Capital holds real estate assets valued at over $500 Million. You don't have a real estate fund worth over $500 Million and not know what you're talking about or what's happening in the industry. 

Paul began his career working at a Ford motor plant. He departed after 5 years to start his own staffing company and was a finalist for Earnest & Young Entrepreneur of The Year. After a brief retirement stint in 2000, Paul began investing to protect and grow his assets. 

Because of the sale of his first company, Paul had a couple million in the bank. He initially got started investing in real estate out of boredom, but quickly realized that it's a path to wealth. This is when Paul decided to help other wealthy individuals grow and protect their assets.

In this episode you'll also learn: 

  • The 7 reasons why multifamily is overheated 
  • Why 2 years ago Paul expanded into self-storage and mobile home parks 
  • How Paul finds the best-in-class operators 
  • How Paul raises money for his fund 
  • What the Forbes 400 wealthiest individuals all have in common 

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Links mentioned in the show: 

Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz

Big Shifts Ahead by John Burns and Chris Porter 

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