#136: The Color of Law with Richard Rothstein

podcast Dec 08, 2021

I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing the author of one of the most powerful, impactful books that I have read in a long time, Mr. Richard Rothstein, and the book is The Color of Law.

This book is a groundbreaking investigation into how U.S. governments in the twentieth century deliberately imposed racial segregation on metropolitan areas nationwide. 

This book made my blood boil and made me sit up and think about how I can have an impact in fixing this wrong!

 I think it can fairly be said that there would be many fewer segregated suburbs that there are today were it not for an unconstitutional desire, shared by local officials and by the national leaders who urged them on, to keep African Americans from being white families’ neighbors.” – Richard Rothstein

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The Color of Law with Richard Rothstein

Some topics that were discussed include:

  •  Definition of de facto and dejure segregation
  •  How Robert Bork and Richard Daley joined together to keep African Americans out of “innocent communities
  •  Restrictive covenants in deeds and how they were used to keep African Americans
  •  Brookline, MA – “any negro or native of Ireland” ‘need not apply’
  •  HOLC, FHA, and VA insured mortgages and how they were used to segregate this country
  •  William Levitt, developer of Levittown and one of the biggest culprits in the whole scheme
  •  Section 8 and how Richard has changed my viewpoint on the benefits of this program
  •  Remedies and how you can get involved in the solution
  •  My remedy and what I am going to get involved in doing

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The Color of Law

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