#201: Hitting A Home Run On Your First Deal with Rubin Amon

podcast Feb 22, 2023

It was an absolute delight to have a conversation with Rubin Amon! He's my student who finally took the plunge and bought his first real estate property - and he hit a grand slam! Tune in to hear all about how he achieved this fantastic result.

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Hitting A Home Run On Your First Deal with Rubin Amon

Rubin graduated from Saint Louis University in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Emergency Management and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Rubin gained interest in Real Estate during his later years, and during his last semester, he joined The Broad Management Group, working alongside the Asset Manager. Rubin added tremendous value by strengthening the team culture, implementing employee training, and planning team events, which resulted in increased employee retention.

Rubin was also involved in overseeing the assets. Some of his other responsibilities involved onsite management, overseeing the completion of lender-required capital repairs, and employee recruitment. Rubin also created streamlined processes that allowed for better utilization of the employees.

Rubin is known by all for his highly creative thinking, exceptional people skills, and unwavering perseverance. He has a truly unique ability to bring people together and build long-lasting relationships which brings a tremendous amount of value to the real estate industry. He tries to learn from everyone while staying focused on using what he learns to excel in his natural strengths.

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