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#51: The Future Of Workforce Housing with Scott Choppin

podcast Apr 22, 2020

There are Big Changes Ahead and Scott Choppin is on the tip of the arrow. If you have ever thought about building and developing real estate, you have got to listen to this podcast (especially if you live in California). Scott Choppin is revolutionizing the concept of multifamily with his Workforce Housing Solution. Check it out.

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The Future Of Workforce Housing with Scott Choppin

Scott oversees all operations of the Urban Pacific family of companies, including business development, capital acquisition, and strategic planning.

Prior to forming Urban Pacific, Scott was Director of Land Acquisition for the Multi-Family Development Division of Irvine-based Sares-Regis Group. In that position, he was responsible for all land acquisition activities for the development of luxury, market rate and senior rental communities throughout California, Colorado, and Arizona.

Scott prides himself on workforce housing consisting of UTH (Urban Townhouses ) where he is able to bridge the gap between class 'A' and class 'C' properties. He realized there were never enough workforce housing units and that it was a market with untapped potential! 

In this episode you'll learn: 

  • The % of someone's income for workforce housing 
  • Why all his projects are five-bedroom and four bath
  • The different markets within the US for workforce housing
  • How Scott is to present a new asset class to investors
  • How much each door should be 
  • Why workforce housing is a safe place to invest

Connect with Scott: 

Urban Pacific 

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Big Shifts Ahead book

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