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#25: The Essentials Of Setting Up Your Business with Steve Rozenberg

podcast Oct 16, 2019

Wow. What is it about pilots and real estate investors? I loved my conversation with my newest BFF Steve Rozenberg. You have to listen to Steve and find out the essentials of setting up your business THE RIGHT WAY!

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Steve Rozenberg's career as a pilot abruptly came to a halt on 9/11. By 9/13 the safe and secure job he believed he had fired him. And even better, they told him that he would not receive his pension as promised. Steve decided to start doing some soul searching as his career as a pilot wasn't applicable to any other job he applied for. 

When Steve started to look around at those who are wealthy, he realized the majority of individuals are tied to real estate. He started learning everything he could about real estate even reading one book per book. Steve learned how to wholesale and quickly became successful. But what he realized is that when he stopped working his business stopped making money. 

Steve joined a local investment group and learned about investing in apartments. He connected with another real estate investor who eventually became his partner. Steve and his partner purchased a 39-unit apartment complex in Houston. Today... since the start of his first apartment complex Steve's portfolio has grown to over 1,000+ units and generates more than $1.6 Million per month in cashflow. 

In this episode you'll also learn:

  • The power of leverage and building a team 
  • Why you shouldn't purchase 'C' class properties
  • How to develop an exit strategy 
  • Why you need to hold yourself accountable
  • How Steve generates over 200 leads per month

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