#32: Why Your Real Estate Website Matters with Todd Heitner

podcast Dec 11, 2019

Todd Heitner is the founder of Apartment Investor Pro where he has been designing websites for real estate investors for over 15 years, providing a turnkey operation for you. Todd and I discuss the importance of having a website and why every real estate investor needs to have one!


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Why Your Real Estate Website Matters

The building blocks of any business are the basics. When it comes to real estate investing the basics include creating a website. However, if you're like most investors you're great at investing, but not so great at creating a website. This is where Todd's company comes in. 

Todd saw people struggling to create a website and knew that there had to be a better way. His company allows you to get a website up and running as quickly as one day. You can't expect people to invest money with you if you don't have a website. Even worse, make sure to purchase your email address with your domain name. 

Once you have a website up, the next goal is capturing someone's information and having a way to follow-up with them. Websites are designed to help you scale your business and by not having one you could be costing yourself tons of potential opportunity! 

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