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#83: How To Increase Your NOI Through Telecom Agreements with Todd Thorpe

podcast Dec 02, 2020

Todd began his telecommunications career in 1989, working for such companies as Cablevision, US Xchange, and Charter Communications. Prior to joining MDU Consulting Group, he was the Director of MDU Sales for Spectrum Community Solutions, where he oversaw multifamily and HOA operations in the Midwest and Southeast.

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How To Increase Your NOI Through Telecom Agreements with Todd Thorpe

A well-respected industry veteran, Todd’s areas of expertise include right-of-entry contract negotiation as well as smart community design utilizing FTTU, IoT, OTT, IPTV, and Managed Wi-Fi. Todd and I discuss how to increase your NOI through telecom agreements. 

In this episode you'll learn: 

  • Your rights as a Multifamily Owner 
  • The average door fee
  • The average length of a telecom contract 
  • How to know if you can negotiate your contract 
  • What to look for in your contract 
  • How to know which provider to choose 
  • Why you should negotiate before the contract term ends 

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MDU Consulting 

Todd's email: [email protected]

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