#68: How To Protect Your Assets and Family with Tom Laune

podcast Aug 19, 2020

Who said you can't have fun spending an evening with a life insurance agent? Meet Tom Laune, insurance agent extraordinaire to real estate investors like you and me. He solves the problem of low returns and increased taxes when storing money in a traditional bank. He helps you create a line of credit using specially designed whole life insurance. The cash value of the policy is guaranteed to grow, creditor protected and tax-advantaged. Real estate investors love that there are zero loan origination fees or required interest payments.

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How To Protect Your Assets and Family with Tom Laune 

Tom had a unique path to creating the Bulletproof Wealth® strategy. He enjoyed a 30-year career in the music industry as a recording engineer and producer, working with acts as diverse as R.E.M., Bruce Springsteen, and Amy Grant. Early in his career, his financial professional recommended a Disability Income policy, something Tom didn't even know existed. Unfortunately, he suffered high-frequency hearing loss while mixing a record and was no longer able to do the job he loved.

Tom's Disability Income policy soon became the most valuable possession he owned. It provided consistent, tax-free, monthly income payments that allowed Tom to go back to school to learn how to help others protect their financial future.

After years of education and research, Tom created the Bulletproof Wealth® strategy to help others protect their income and grow their wealth so they can take advantage of investment opportunities when they come along. 

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