#45: From Working 98 Hours A Week To Becoming Financially Free with Travis Watts

podcast Mar 11, 2020

Working 35 straight days at a time on an oil rig can really wreak havoc with your life. But transforming into a truly passive real estate investor is like something you only see in a Hollywood script. Not for this week's guest. Meet Travis Watts, the man, the myth and the guy who now probably gets manicures on a regular basis. Good to be him. Learn how in today's episode. 

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From Working 98 Hours A Week To Becoming Financially Free with Travis Watts

While working 98 hours a week, Travis realized that isn't sustainable for the rest of his life. He'd always been a self-educator and understood that real estate investing could be his ticket out. Travis had tried purchasing single-family homes, flipping homes, and even vacation rentals but if he wanted to have the passive income he was chasing those strategies wouldn't work. 

When working in the oil field, Travis would work 35 days on and 35 days off. This allowed him the time to self-educate. Through his self-education, Travis learned the power of real estate syndications. Someone else could take all the trouble of finding a deal and he could review it and then decide if he wanted to invest... without all the hassles of dealing with tenants. To date, Travis has invested in over 25 different syndications and now spends his time teaching others how they can do the same. 

In this episode you'll also learn: 

  • Why Travis has never sponsored a deal 
  • The class of properties Travis likes
  • The different types of markets Travis looks at and why 
  • Why Travis is truly cashflow focused 

Connect with Travis: 

Passive Investing Guide

Ashcroft Capital

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