#155: How To Value Add Your Multifamily Investment with Van Sturgeon

podcast Apr 20, 2022

Van Sturgeon is an experienced entrepreneur of over 30 years, who has successfully created several businesses in the real estate industry that cover areas of land acquisition, development, management, construction, and renovation. Van and I discuss how to value add your multifamily investment.

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Van personally owns over 1,200 properties across North America, and is semi-retired from the day-to-day operations of his businesses.

Van has written several acclaimed books on renovation, and his articles have been featured in a number of popular publications like the Los Angeles Tribune, Yahoo News, Lincoln Citizen, and the Belmont Star. 

In this overheated real estate market, It is increasingly difficult to find great real estate deals, and it is really hard to find good contractors that will quote on your project and complete it with quality, on time, and within budget.

As a successful general contractor and real estate investor, Van has been involved in thousands of renovation projects from single-family homes, apartments, office and medical buildings. Van is uniquely positioned to offer knowledge and insight into the renovation/value add component of multifamily investing, as it is just as important as finding a great deal.

Van is passionate about helping multifamily real estate investors successfully plan and manage their renovation/value add projects and reach their investment goals.

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